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Parent Referral Program


The highest compliment our parents can pay us is the referral of family or friends for in our Mission Hoops Camps/Classes . The trust and confidence that you place in us each and every day means a great deal.

In appreciation of that trust and confidence, we are excited to share our Parent Referral Program. You will receive a $25 TUITION CREDIT for every new enrollment as a result of your referral. Each time a child is enrolled as a result of your recommendation to other parents, you will receive a $25 TUITION CREDIT.

IT’S AS EASY AS: 1… 2… 3…

What do I have to do? Just pass on the name, along with some basic information about the family you are referring to our Coach who will take care of the rest!

Complete the information on our Parent Referral Form, print it out and hand it to our Coach.

When do I receive my $25 Tuition Credit? Once the new family has used our Mission Hoops Camps/Classes for a period of four weeks, your account will be credited accordingly. Mission Hoops will also notify you by letter.