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Free Open Court Program

The Mission Hoops Academy Basketball Open Court Program connects children to our own facilities with the goal of encouraging free and open play in a fun and safe environment.

This free-play atmosphere provides a unique and fun experience as children decide how to engage with the game without any pressure and under the supervision of mission hoops basketball coaches.


1. You need to be registered and enter your credit card information in order to drop by one of our many scheduled open court sessions.
Register here *
2. Legal Guardians of the participants must be the ones to sign in the participants.
3. Wash/disinfect your hands before AND after Open Court!
4. Parents/Guardians must stay in the building with their child/children at all times.
5. Parents/Guardians are not allowed on the court!
6. Parents/Guardians may not move or adjust any equipment.
7. No drinks or food are allowed in the court at any time. Please use our lobby area for drinks and snacking.
8. Open Court is a time to have fun and use skills that a child can already do. Please do not force, push or ask your child to attempt a skill that they are not willing to do or have not done independently.
9. Indoor Shoes – When playing indoors you should bring a change of shoes. Reason being shoes that are worn outside have water, salt, dust, gravel, etc. on them which scratches and deteriorates the court’s surface. This makes the court slippery and dangerous.
10.  Athletic attire is required.
         *Shirt must cover torso.
         *No Hats.
         *Athletic shorts or pants – no jeans, no long pants.
         *Athletic shoes – no sandals, no Running shoes, no skateboard shoes, no Crocs.
         *No bare-foot allowed.
11. First come, first serve. – Whoever has next game goes by who got there first, not who the oldest or most talented is. Please wait your turn.
12. Nobody likes playing with a ball hog or a lazy defender. Play hard and share the ball.
13. All parents and children must follow all of the rules. If the rules are not followed you will be asked to leave the facility.
14. Excessive horseplay, refusal to follow staff instructions, and other unacceptable behaviors may result in ejection from the Court.
15. At any time, without notice, certain equipment may be roped off or otherwise restricted for safety reasons.
16. We reserve the right to charge member or non-member the cost of rectifying damage, caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless act of the members to the Mission Hoops Academy’s property or structure.
17. We love Animals but no Pets allowed in Mission Hoops Academy’s property.
18. Our first concern is for the safety of all those participating in the gym.
19. Be Safe & Have FUN!